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We seek to employ the best talent. Beyond compelling academics and professional experience, we place particular emphasis on integrity, ambition, self-motivation, and intelligence. 

What did you do today?


No – really. What did you do? Checked and responded to a few emails (making sure to copy the right people), worried about deadlines, spent hours on a presentation or spreadsheet that made no sense. Dialled into a conference call where no one was really paying attention, had a coffee break, checked your phone (again): WhatsApp, Facebook, maybe Instagram, Twitter. Popped to the bathroom, and had another coffee break. Checked the time…still 4pm!

Underutilised? Uninspired? Had enough?

If you want a career that inspires and makes a real impact in Africa, you're in the right place #somethingdifferent


Working With Us

Where ambition and potential combine to soar

The firm is dedicated to supporting our employees' full professional development. We offer thorough career programs that are created to improve participants' knowledge and abilities so they may flourish in their current roles and get ready for new ones. Our workforce's potential is our first concern, and we aim to promote each person's professional advancement through practical methods.


We constantly provide our team members with new possibilities and challenges that allow them to broaden their horizons. We provide the opportunity to work across our foreign locations for anyone looking for international experience. Also, we support intra-group interactions that provide people a glimpse into the practices and cultures of various teams and industries.

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